Live-tweeting in BCM325

Live-tweeting in BCM325

Each week in BCM325, we have been discussing future based movies in class. During the movies, we communicated through Twitter to discuss our opinions, share facts and questions what we were seeing. This communication delivery made the experience in class both enjoyable and extremely informative.

2001 Space Odyssey

As it was my first week tweeting, I was still getting used to the idea of tweeting my thoughts… leading me to questioning the movie abundantly and reflecting on past subjects and their relation to this subject. There was immediately discussion between the subject cohort as we began to bounce off each other with ideas, theories and questions.

Westworld (1973)

Heading into the next week, I began secondary research in the background, sharing facts and sources with my tutorial group. There seemed to be a lot more interaction for this movie – more likes, comments and retweets. We were all finally getting used to the idea of tweeting and sharing our opinions.

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

I found myself learning many new things from peers this week, longer and more through conversations were held and we discussed our different opposing opinions. Along that i found myself looking more so at the symbolism of each scene rather than the narrative, overseeing the parralels I found in other movies and backing my findings up with research.

The Matrix

The Matrix was by far the most mind blowing movie we have watched thus far. I found facts such as the twin and triplet scene, which gathered large engagement, however was extrmely interesting this was an element the movie incorporated. This movie oversaw every other movie and brought them all together and it was the upmost exstistential and made us all ponder outside of the box.

The online experience for this class so far has been a great form of immersive learning, involivng discussion and the sharing of information. All of my tweets can be found on the twitter side bar to the left of the page —->

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