BCM214 Digital Artefact

BCM214 Digital Artefact

Throughout this semester, I took part in a group project to create an object of our choice. Together, we created ‘The Mind Mentor’ an AI object much like Siri or Alexa, yet it can read your thoughts. The digital object involves a robot-like object in your household that can do day to day tasks such as washing the dishes or making dinner before you get home, it also has the ability to control other electronical appliances in your home such as lights or the TV. Using a unique code that you create yourself, you recite the code in your mind followed by your command, the AI then sends a message to a device to confirm your command, when confirmed proceeding to do the task.

Branching off from the group’s project, I wanted to put the Mind Mentor in place from a medical standpoint. I believe The Mind Mentor would be of abundant use as a domestic nurse of sorts. It would be ideal for someone who has just returned from hospital or the elderly who need extreme assistance at home as examples. As the AI object does not require voice activation, someone who unable to talk or move would be perfectly suited for its measures. The Mind Mentor has the capability to do the most tedious of tasks and can ultimately be treated as an in-home nurse by helping with steering a wheelchair, assisting with getting in and out of the shower or bed, making food and refreshments, controlling a stair lift, calling emergency services, paying bills and cleaning both the patient and house, all as examples. All of the highlighted examples can be commanded without even the lifting of a finger. An ideal example of a patient in need of The Mind Mentor is an elderly man who has just came home after major jaw surgery, he has no family yet require tremendous help at home with nearly everything. As he is unable to speak, the AI object would be able to do everything he commands by simply just reading his mind. The object would be of extreme use for the man with his day-to-day tasks as well as being on hand 24 hours a day. The Mind Mentor would also be beneficial from a financial point of view, a one of payment for a permanent object is more suitable than hiring a service that would be rated hourly. In a journal by Nancy Robert, she states “AI is the future of nursing technology” explaining how technology will aid in the future of medicine (Robert, 2019). In coherence with this journal, The Mind Mentor mesh in well with the future of medical technology, aiding both at home and at hospital in helping both nurses and patients. Taking the group developed object ‘The Mind Mentor’ and placing it in a medical environment is aspirational, ethical and highly achievable, it would be of upmost use for millions of patients.


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DA: https://youtu.be/Ax7ZSheReF4