BCM302 Peer Review Part 2

BCM302 Peer Review Part 2

Moving into the later weeks of this semester, I have reviewed the progress of both Tori and Erin’s work in their individual projects, seeing what they have done so far and even what I can take into consideration with my own work moving forward. In my last peer review, I found the advice and feedback I was giving to the girls, I was also taking into account due to how I believed it would aid them. In previous BCM subjects, I was also amazed by how constructive feedback helped me get through my digital artefact, taking into consideration what was being said and what I can do about it.


Since my last peer review, I believe Erin has done a considerable amount of internal work. From the social media front, she had posted little to nothing. This reminded me much of myself as with the busyness of life, it was hard to make regular posting and time for this digital artefact on top of the extra work. Erin has since made no tweets and has not posted anything on her WordPress. Her last tweet was the pitch for her DA:

My feedback for erin would be, that despite she is doing internal work and is most likely doing amazingly, she needs to document more frequently on her social media platforms to both let people know what she is doing and advertise her brand. As I stated in the last peer review, I believe Erin should make an instagram page for growth on her platforms and more exposure. If potential clients can see her previous work and drafts of future work on a requitable platform, the legitimacy of her brand will skyrocket, giving her more oppurtunity and exposure to new clients.


Tori’s team has done phenomenally since my last review. They have since changed their name from “Creative services” to “The digital memo” which is a great transition for the project, the name alone giving the platform much more legitimacy and individuality. Tor has continued to oversee the work her team is doing and the brand has since spread on to instagram and twitter.


As the above shows, The Digital Memo has clearly established themselves online and created a strong online presence. They have been focusing more on individual consultations and helping the individual build a strong online presence and find their niche online.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this DA, however, for Tori, I’d give her this feedback: To differentiate from herself and the group she needs to create her own online presence outside of the team’s media platforms and on her own. She should make notes and tweets on twitter stating I did A, B and C for our group DA today, just so she can individually state her input and not have it overly blurred by group input.

I truly believe the two students’ digital artefacts I reviewed for this subject are tremendous and have so much potential. With the right feedback and drive, they will aid people in creating amazing online presences for their small businesses or personal use. The feedback I have also gave to each individual has helped me make notes in what I need to do for the rest of the semester to ensure I put my best work forward in this subject. I wish the best of luck to Tori and Erin moving forward in their digital artefacts and I can’t wait to see their final results!


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