My DA Contextual Essay

My DA Contextual Essay

My digital artefact is a series of Tik Tok videos. I had previously started watching videos on ‘Tik Tok’, a rapidly growing app containing short looping videos, much like ‘vine’ a popular app in 2013 and enjoyed its addictive. I hoped to make a series of videos trying out popular trends on the app whilst also dabbling in making my own trends. In attempting to try as many features of Tik Tok as possible, I gained a significant audience and the results of my DA were astonishing.  Here is a starter pack I made:

Based on research, I discovered users of Tik Tok ranged from ages as low as 6 and upwards. They seemed to enjoy dry, bold humour, lip syncing and scenarios as some examples. My first video used lip syncing and humour. Ironically, the Tik Tok was based on doing my digital artefact for university. After analysing the age, gender and location of my audience, I then devised a plan, this plan consisted of targeting my major audience, young girls aged 7-18 in the United Kingdom. Much to my planning, my videos gained significant viewing from this specific audience and my videos were semi successful.

Before reaching my final idea, I had an unsuccessful attempt of a plan. My previous idea was a Youtube series called “How to: from someone who can’t do” were I’d take part in several activities that I couldn’t do, and whilst doing so I would try and teach the audience ‘how to’. The idea was funny however the layout and production of my first video was a failure. The video received a mere 80 views and I only received 7 subscribers overall.

After lack of my Youtube series got, I turned to Tik Tok. Tik Tok taught me that relevant content now must be relatable, not long winded and straight to the point, unlike my Youtube channel. If I continued onwards my Youtube channel, the mantra FEFO: Fail early, fail often, would have followed my DA until the end. Editing and uploading Youtube was undeniably stressful as well as time consuming, once again opposing Tik Tok.

  I uploaded my first Tik Tok almost immediately after changing my DA. The video went viral overnight and now has over 300k views, along with a second video which has 200k views. My page has the equivalent of half a million views all together, nearly 7000 followers and 140k likes.


The success of my page grew from what I learned about the ‘for you’ page. By hash tagging “#foryou” on your videos, your video may go on a page which can be viewed by all users. Two of my videos went on the For you page immediately, the view count on them virtually doubling in seconds.

From what I learned on both platforms, Youtube and Tik Tok, gave insights on how viral content is produced. Whether through trends or funny content, luck is also entailed in uploading content. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my  Digital artefact and hope to make more content into the future.

My Final Online Presence

My Final Online Presence

The end is FINALLY here. My digital artefact, a series of videos following popular trends on the viral app ‘TikTok’ are ready to be presented and marked.

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BCM114 has taught me a wide ranged series of skills based around viral content and digital media, as well as a few life lessons along the way. FEFO has become a mantra I now live by. I discovered my first idea was a failure half way into this subject, so my final project was a quick paced piece of work, that (somehow) ended up being 100x more exemplary! I am so proud of the videos I have made in such a short space of time and I truly think I have found a passion for TikTok, maybe even becoming a bit addicted to the app?!

I am now close to 7k followers and have nearly 140k accumulative likes across my videos, in particular these likes come from 2 videos. I have 80k likes on my first viral video and 55k likes on my second, the two videos together having over half a million views. TikTok videos seem to be quick videos that look relatively easy to make, however the videos took me up to (no exaggeration) 2 hours to make and there was some serious acting that needed to be involved. Aside from this flaw, the videos were extremely fun to make and the community on the app are so supportive and kind in majority. My friends now call me a ‘TikTok expert’ since I have taught them about the ‘for you page’ and the current trends that receive more attention.

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A moment I am most proud of this semester is when I took a risk and changed my Digital Artefact. My original idea of a youtube series, although creative, lacked in effort and interest. By changing my DA, I indulged in a project I was intrigued with and passionate about. Passion drove me to create a DA I was truly invested in and was proud of. Taking risks is something I never do…however I am ecstatic with the results of this risk.

The link above is to my TikTok profile, you can view all my content there. Thank you to everyone who has liked and viewed my videos as well as following, keep watching to see more content in the future..I’m going to keep on going. BCM114 has been a subject I have actually thoroughly enjoyed, it has taught me so much and I’ll never forget it.

Until next time,

Jules x

Online pressence pt 2: Going Viral

Online pressence pt 2: Going Viral

As discussed in my beta blog post, I have now switched my digital artefact to Tik Tok and I am definitely more invested in this idea. Although creative, my Youtube videos lacked public engagement and I found the time I invested in them to be extensive and unnecessary. My most popular video was my DA pitch, which gained a mere 100 views.

The switch to Tik Tok was inspired by one of my friends who received 150k views on a 10 second long video. I made my first video, which was me making fun of myself, went to sleep and woke up with 40k likes and 140k views. The results shocked me. I read my analytics and found that my video had made it worldwide, over 47% of my audience were from the United Kingdom, 33% from America and remainder Australian.

After making more videos, and the engagement on my first video still being present, I found that more of the audience would then view my profile and like more of my less relevant videos. Therefore, the engagement on my profile since the video uploaded, has been over 5k views a day.

My video now has over 200k views and my follow count has reached 4.5k followers. From these statistics I have found appropriate times to upload videos in order to achieve maximum views and engagement. Viewers had also found my previous Youtube videos and  Instagram.

However, creating content has now become intimidating. My audience is mostly young, yet content is extremely high praised. After posting a recent video, I lost 60 followers. As I continue to embark on my tik tok journey, I plan to follow trends whilst attempting to make my own trends. I have been told by a fellow tik toker, that views are gained from the ‘for you’ page, a page that all users can view content. He suggested I continue to repost the same content until it is submitted to the ‘for you’ page, so I plan to test this theory.

The success of my first video has compelled to strive forward and become Tik Tok ‘famous’. By the end of this subject I hope to achieve this. Stay tuned on my twitter and follow my tik tok account for more content.

Tik Tok:

Twitter :

BCM114 Project Beta

BCM114 Project Beta

My original digital artefact idea that I had been working on was a youtube series called “How To From Someone Who Can’t Do”. The videos were planned to be a “how to” series with a twist, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the proposed activities. The original project was expected to reach audiences of all variations, the videos ideally being relatable and ‘fun’.

The pitch of my idea presented promising analytics. The video gained 5 subscribers and a realistic 82 views within a week of uploading. My friends supported my idea and believed the series would be a success.. however, I let myself down.

A month later, I eventually uploaded the first video of my series “How To From Someone Who Can’t Do: Makeup” after days of unsuccessfully attempting to upload this video. I tried uploading the video on three seperate occasions, the video taking up to 12 hours t upload before crashing. The video was a fail. I only received a mere 20 views across 2 weeks and only gained 1 subscriber. The results discouraged me to upload any further content.

However… Concurrently I had hopped onto the trend of “Tik Tok”, an app used to upload looping videos. I uploaded my first video just as a joke and within an hour it had gained 1459 views. The extent of views in a small period of time encouraged me post more content. After discussing this in a recent tutorial, my friend Sarah and tutor Angus proposed that I change my Digital artefact project to Tik Tok videos…

So that’s what I’m doing.

My new Digital Artefact idea is TIK TOK. I’m going to attempt creating my own trends whilst taking part in current trends. I’m excited to experiment and analyse the interactions with my videos.

Watch my youtube video below and follow my twitter for more info and updates!!

Part 1 of my online presence

Part 1 of my online presence

Making youtube videos seemed easy at first, yet starting this DA has
completely changed my mind. Making videos on my mac’s Photo-booth does not make
the cut and the lighting is TERRIBLE. Aside from technical issues, I’m enjoying
this idea. Taking part in activities I can’t do is really going to bring me out
my comfort zone.

In reading this, you may have discovered that I’m addressing making videos in future tense. That is because I haven’t made one yet…

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Before you get mad… I want my videos to be perfect. That means perfect lighting, a good script and actual GOOD content. At the moment I have been brainstorming where I want to take my videos and formatting a plan. Plus I kind of like the anticipation… I want to keep my viewers on their toes.

Down below is a draft I have recently been for my first video.

How to from someone who cant do: Baking (a cake)

  1. Buy ingredients
  2. Measure ingredients
  3. Mix ingredients in a bowl
  4. Pour product into trays
  5. Bake
  6. Decorate

Now I know this sounds SO wrong but as the title states… this is from someone who CAN’T bake. My videos will hopefully have this step by step guide to help keep my videos fun and easy to watch.

Moving on.. its time to talk about feedback.

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There is hardly any. I only have 33 followers on twitter and 7 subscribers on youtube. My DA pitch received 107 views. An average of 2 people like my tweets and I get no responses.


I use IMovie to edit my videos and adobe for thumbnails, these two platforms have helped enhance my project. Editing is very important to my DA, it will help me minimise Bull**** and keepy my videos fun and easy to watch. I’ve been trying to tweet as much as possible but it has been harder than it seems. Making memes is so difficult…

My online presence has been pretty slack but I’m hoping to now pick up pace. I know I haven’t done the recommended 20 tweets nor posted a video yet but as I said earlier.. its all about the anticipation.

I’m going to be online more than ever into the future so make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my slightly inactive twitter..

Twitter: @Juliajanej1
Youtube: Julia Jane

My Digital Artefact Pitch for BCM114

My Digital Artefact Pitch for BCM114

I struggled to discover a DA idea for awhile, I thought of every possibility and tried to integrate my ideas with things I could do and was good at… and then, it just hit me. I’m not good at nearly everything, I have limited hobbies and am too clumsy to attempt new things.  

Hence, my DA pitch.

My digital artefact is based on ‘how to’ videos…but with a twist. In every video I will be taking part in an activity I personally can’t do, such as painting. I will be presenting a step by step tutorial of activities I have no idea how to do and uploading them to Youtube. The audience I am targeting are young people who struggle to come out of their comfort zone and learn how to do new things. I will be posting frequently, and hope to learn new things myself or maybe…maybe just embarrass myself.

Watch the video below for more info… or just to see me embarrass myself.

Like and subscribe if you are interested:

And make sure to follow my twitter for updates