BCM302 Peer Review Part 1

BCM302 Peer Review Part 1

Aside from making my very own digital artefact, one of the informative and exciting parts of digital artefact-based subjects is giving constructive feedback. Diving into other people’s work and reviewing what they are doing not only can help the individual but also myself as I can see what I can be doing better or what I can add to my own work.


Erin has a preexisting knowledge and understanding of digital marketing that she is hoping to bring forward into this digital artefact. She has done previous digital marketing work for small companies and wants to expand her work to other small businesses, helping them find their niche and establish a strong presence online. She is hoping to do this by branching out to small businesses around her local area, reaching out both in person and online. In specific, she wants to target fitness-centred businesses such as yoga and pilates centres nearby. Erin proposed she would focus on discovering the business’ niches and presenting this said niche online through Instagram and other social media platforms, using both creative and informative purposes to create a strong online presence for her clients. Erin quoted in her pitch “Based on my background as a digital marketer and interest in pilates and yoga, I’ve noticed that studio owners need a solid social media presence to engage with existing members and achieve exposure to non-members. So my digital artefact is going to be a digital marketing agency that specialises in pilates and yoga studios.”

Her methodology being to:

  • Establish business name, logo, branding etc. 
  • Create an instagram and facebook account for business
  • Create and plan engaging + informative posts that are related to my niche
  • Run ads to reach initial audience
  • Communicating with audience through socials (analytics + polls) but also identifying audience responses from already well established existing accounts 
  • Continue researching my field and niche and apply that new knowledge throughout project
Persona sourced from Erin’s pitch

For Erin’s digital artefact to thoroughly work and run smoothly, I recommend she begins her own social media marketing pages on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. By doing so, she can expand coverage of her services and have the ability to through these platforms, reach out to small businesses through their messaging services. She can simultaneously advertise her clients and promote her own brand, benefiting essentially both herself and the people she can work for. I’m really excited to see what direction Erin’s digital artefacts takes and the advancement of the work she is doing for small businesses.

Erin’s pitch: https://erinwaugh.home.blog/2022/08/12/bcm302-da-pitch/


Tori is taking part in a collaborative digital artefact called “The creative services team” or the @digitalmemo. Her along with other fellow students in her group are providing services such as social media marketing and consultations around how to expand social media presence/take advantage of the services social media provides. Tori is overseeing the work the team does and is making sure everything runs smoothly, essentially managing the team. She quoted in her pitch “The creative services team is relevant to me as it allows me to gain experience in social media management, leadership and content creation as a whole. This project is a really good opportunity to expand my portfolio. My long-term goal would be to have my own social digital/ creative agency and this is providing a stepping stone to getting there. The services are here to help, no matter how big or small the challenge or practice is – we are understanding that not everyone can use certain apps or be a graphic designer, so we offer these services to give endless possibilities to our users”.

Moving forward I’m really excited to see the group’s digital artefact aid many people and expand across many businesses online, I am hoping that for Tori individually, she is able to put her own sense of individuality into the project and lists her input on her personal online accounts to make record of her accomplishments.

Tori’s pitch: https://torisaros.com/2022/08/12/here-to-provide-you-with-a-service-pitch/


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