For my final digital artefact, I will be integrating the skills and practices I learned from previous digital artefacts, forming my final product of a brand new Tiktok page called “So you are at Uni”. With my previous in-depth knowledge of Tiktok, I am hoping to create detailed Tiktoks dedicated to aiding first-year students at University (or even students from later years that want extra assistance). The page will include a series of short videos giving tips such as where to park at the university, apps they should get to assist them, carpool and what to bring to class as well as tricks I have learnt along the way. I want the page to also be a place students can come to when feeling stressed about assignments and exams, so I will be making videos with breathing exercises and activities to calm my audience down.

Along with such tips, I will interview past and present students, asking what their advice is for people just starting at university. This side of my TikTok links back to my digital artefact last semester in Future Culture where I conducted podcast-style videos with another student in the subject. I hope to do a similar layout in these types of videos on this subject. Oberlo, a digital journalism page, stated that out of the 800 million users on the application, 41% are aged between 16 and 21. The average user opens TikTok at least 9 to 10 times a day and spends around 52 minutes on the app per time (Orbelo, 2021). With this knowledge, it is clear that by starting up a new profile on TikTok is itself a large risk and will now, more than ever, be difficult to engage large amounts of attention or even any attention at all.

As there are so many people on this prevalent social media application, it is of importance to drone in on university students specifically or even the young bracket of users on the app at large. To do this, I will be taking an entirely different approach to the application for my final digital artefact. This approach is to be direct and follow as many university students as possible. Just by following these people on TikTok, they will take notice of my account. They may not necessarily follow the account back but it will give the page more exposure overall. Along with the TikTok page, I will be exploiting my TikTok on Twitter, making multiple tweets and tagging first-year subjects to attract attention from first-year students. This guaranteed to give the page even more exposure due to the amazing active community under the BCM hashtag.

I want the page to be as open and welcoming as possible for anyone, meaning if they have any specific questions or just chat, they can reach out to me for a private consult without feeling judged or scared. My methodology and plan are quite simple – in the next week, I will make a timeline of how many videos I want to do over the course of the semester, along with when I will be tweeting and what kind of approach I will take toward interactions with my accounts. I’m really looking forward to creating content and hopefully helping people starting their journey at university as well as also learning skills along the way.

Orbelo, 2021. 10 TikTok Statistics You Need to Know in 2021 [March data]. [online] Au.oberlo.com. Available at: <https://au.oberlo.com/blog/tiktok-statistics&gt; [Accessed 11 August 2022]


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