Sim city – A City Of Disaster

Sim city – A City Of Disaster

In 2013, the EA franchise came out with the latest version of their iconic concept – Sim city. The game was available among many consoles such as phones and computers and frankly people were highly interested in playing it. The idea of creating your own city from scratch, trading and building up your population was amusing to most, the game even had a multiplayer aspect and 3D features that engaged players, yet, ultimately the game was UTTERLY unsuccessful. After its release, players lost interest quickly. The game requires continual online connection in order to play, people nor had the time or energy to keep playing and upholding their city. Alongside this the game kept crashing due to network outages, saving issues and connections problems. These aggravating issues meant players stopped… well, playing. According to Screen Rant, a popular review site, the game was rated the sixth out of twenty most notoriously bad games (Thompson, 2019). Similarly on a review site called Steam Community, a player reviewed the game, quoting “When I bought SimCity 2013 it wouldn’t even load, It would stick at some % of the install, as was the case for a ton of other people. The game itself was riddled with bugs and to this day roads still don’t snap quite right, and the road guide is way funky” clearly displeased by the game (Steam, 2016). Since 2013, EA has come out with much more advanced versions of the game, gaining much success yet the 2013 version still is viewed as a disappointment and a low point for the company, the game having much potential but never succeeding. People to this day still review the game as one of the worst simulation games to date, the game haunting EA and its future developments.


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