Self reflection – feeding back

Self reflection – feeding back

Commenting on people’s posts and giving feedback can be quite a daunting experience personally, however, through this subject it has been an educational experience. All three of digital artefacts I commented on were amazing and creative ideas, below are the comments I left on each post.

After reading each post I made the effort to research their ideas, further giving them an article/journal I felt would attribute to their work along with any other ideas I had for their pitches. For both of the pitches involving music, I drew from the “ludomusicology” theory to help them expand their areas of analysis. The FIFA pitch was not exactly in my expertise, yet I tried my best to find an article I believed would aid in Jacob’s analysis. For the music DA pitches, I tried bringing forth journals that looked at the psychological effect of background music and sound effects, I believed this could add extra depth to their DAs. For the FIFA pitch, I provided an article that looked at the game from an outsider’s point of view, the perspective of the game being a different attribute to the DA. For Taylor’s DA I suggested from an actional side, that to expand on posts she could make short clips with reactions to music to link to her analysis.

Although at first, I was nervous to comment my opinion, I believe I gave balanced comments that applauded their great work while giving helpful feedback that could expand their work. In future comments, the only thing I’d really change is maybe by adding what they should change (much to my dismay) but if I believe something doesn’t fit well, I should tell them.Through commenting on these posts, It made me reflect on my own digital artefact and how I can expand and change my own work. Coincidently, the pitches about sound coincide with my idea of nostalgia in gaming. Music is utterly nostalgic and the psychological effects of it are astounding. Both of the journals I offered, I will be taking in to consideration for my own work.


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