BCM215 – Analytic frameworks

BCM215 – Analytic frameworks

For my digital artefact in BCM215, I am reviewing, and rating WII games based of the way they make me feel/how nostalgic they are. I’m doing this reviewing via TikTok in short 15 second videos. Each video compiles around 5 short videos within it, showing me playing the game and how I’m reacting to it. The videos are supposed to be an immersive experience for the viewers, as if they were playing the game themselves. This week we learnt about Scholar Raessen’s analytic frameworks he created in order to convey the participation of an individual’s text and paratexts.  Below are how each framework works around my digital artefact and how it immerses the act of participation.


As I previously stated, my aim in my DA is to ‘immerse’ my audience in the experience of playing nostalgic games, feeling what I’m feeling or having the choice of even disagreeing.. The video is filmed from an angle that demonstrates a POV, the audience can act as though they are playing the game with me essentially.


As well as videos, my videos use various other forms of media such music, voice overs, blogging techniques and continual feedback. Each of these forms of media add to the digital artefact and its initial meaning.


As my DA is on Tiktok, my audience can interact easily through comments, liking and even duetting with their own reactions. TikTok has luckily been the best platform to do my digital artefact on as the interactions made possible on the application.


TikTok is a social media application, so it has the ability to connect with billions of people globally hence the connectivity is obscenely large. Through this app I have the capability to connect to millions of people worldwide at the click of a button.

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Art by Christian Atkin

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