For my BCM215 Digital Artefact, I am going to be analysing the topic called “Nostalgia in gaming”. The digital artefact will be centred around the nostalgia brought forward by games. Personally, the video games I played from the ages of 8 to 15 were through Nintendo devices such as the WII and DS. To this day if I play these games, they immediately release endorphins and happiness throughout my body. Games from your past can bring up both good and bad memories, the emotions and feelings that arise during playing are distinctive and individual.

The DS saved Nintendo while destroying handheld gaming as we knew it -  Polygon

As the basis of my analysis, I will be using a journal by 4 psychologists and gaming fanatics called “Once Upon A Game: exploring video game nostalgia and its impact on wellbeing”, the journal studies the emotion of humans in response to playing retro games that were part of their childhood (Wulf, 2018). The case studies within the journal can be great foundations for my digital artefact and how I move forward with it. I will be using TikTok as my platform of analysis, posting videos reviewing the way I feel in response to playing nostalgic games on my Nintendo WII and DS, listening to the theme songs for example and using the old controllers. My target audience is generation Z and millennials as I feel they can relate most to the nostalgic feeling of playing retro video games. I’m ready to start and am excited to open my cupboard, open a dusty game box, slide it into my console and press the ON button. That alone is nostalgic enough.

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Wulf, T., 2018. Supplemental Material for Once Upon a Game: Exploring Video Game Nostalgia and Its Impact on Well-Being. Psychology of Popular Media Culture,.



  1. hey, hey! I really love this DA idea, its kind of similar to my own in a small aspect. I like how you’ve included the effect of hormones relating to nostalgia as well, it brings foward how this is more scientific than just the idea. I liked how you included quotes to show some existing research as well as knowing your target audience.

    I think some more visual elements in the blog posts will be really helpful in creating that connection with the audience. purhaps some graphics from nostalgic games from consols like the DS as you mentioned. I know I myself have such an attachment to the graphics from the old Animal Crossing games.

    maybe some more connections to the lectures and class works with certain game elements and frameworks? what about this game makes you feel that wave of nostalgia? you mention the sound/music which is apart of game elements and is a good place to quote or draw a connection to a lecture.

    I’m really interested to see where you go with this DA, especially because I am definitely apart of your target audience! 🙂


  2. To start, you’ve addressed your topic and related it back to a personal experience, which I always find is a really nice touch, I feel that personal relationships between yourself and your area of study always make for great projects as you’re interested in the subject rather than just “doing another assessment”. I like that you have addressed the case study you will be basing your research around, by doing so you have clearly demonstrated that you have a great understanding of what your focus is and what you’re trying to achieve within your Digital Artefact. Moving on, your blog post itself is quite informative, giving much-needed background knowledge into light, showcasing your direction for this project and how you intend to achieve your goal for your DA. Your key audience is perfect! Omg Nintendo DS!! This in itself is so Nostalgic for me, being a 1999 baby myself, I can proudly say that I stand within your target audience and your pitch alone has already gotten me so excited and wanting to go find my old DS, just to play Nintendogs again! Uhh, I don’t even want to have a negative comment on this, as I’m so interested in your topic already! I guess my only wish would be that your pitch video itself was slightly more engaging, maybe making use of some clips of nostalgic gameplay or audio clips, other than just yourself talking for two minutes. Maybe you could make use of a nostalgic sepia or some weird gradient filter, thinking early 2000’s CamWow kind of vibes, I’d totally get a giggle out of this, and I think it would add another nostalgic element to your pitch! I have come across this site quite a few times over the duration of my studies, and I think you might find it useful as it focuses on nostalgic retro games:


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