Hey guys and welcome to my pitch for BCM325 – future cultures. For this digital artifact I will be working with my peer and friend, Shalisse Thompson. We are both hoping to collaborate on our TikTok based Digital artefact – Genres of the future. Many forms of media such as music, film and TV have forecasted the future of technology, events, and occurrences. Hence, we have decided to make vlog/podcast episodes on a collaborative TikTok channel. In these said videos we will discuss between each other the selected genre, basing our discussions on opinions, facts, and statistics.

Our methodology moving forward is to construct 1–3-minute videos in a podcast format, that may later transgress into an actual podcast depending. Each video will be on our selected example or genre, we’ll be conversing throughout the video and reaching out to our audience to further interact with a hopefully generated TikTok community. In line with the Tiktok algorithm, we will test the timing of posts and which keywords, songs and trends catch the most attention. We are aiming to post weekly and take under consideration feedback we receive to further enhance our podcasts. We are hoping to post weekly at similar times, either (hopefully) on Friday or Saturday.

We are hoping to target BCM students, and anyone interested in learning about how the entertainment industry has predicted current situations and future references. We will use the audience engagement to create an analysis and use it as data to create the best possible outcome for our DA genres of the future. 

Before making each video, we will be conducting secondary research, collecting statistics and facts to back our discussions. Sources we will be using for our research will include academic & Scholarly articles, evidence, and primary source. By doing this we can ensure our delivery is precise and accurate. If we were to discuss false information, this could deuterate potential audiences from watching our videos as they believe they are falsified and wrong.

Examples within the genres we will be using include the predictions of historical events in The Simpsons, quotes made by famous singers and items that became realistic branching from futuristic movies such as the classic “Back To The Future”. Each of these examples will hopefully be primarily known by the majority of the audiences we are targeting and in coherence with this, we hope the feedback loop will involve a large audience and have varied responses.

We are both extremely excited to get to work and create these amazing videos for this subject, not only educating our soon to be developed audiences but learning new and interesting things ourselves. We both thoroughly believe this topic could attract large audiences and gather a lot of feedback in response. We can’t wait to see the plentiful responses and varied answers.

See you online,

Julia & Shalisse x

3 thoughts on “BCM325 PITCH – GENRES OF THE FUTURE

  1. Hi Julia (and Shalisse) – In using TikTok will you be branding yourself as a podcast posting short snippets of them on TikTok or the other way around? Using genres, have you already selected which genres you’ll cover, or will you be using the feedback loop to get viewers selections of genres? You’ve mentioned covering Sci-fi movies and their depiction of the future, is this what you mean by genres, different genres depiction of the future (Sci-fi and comedy in The Simpsons?) I think that would be a very interesting approach if you covered the genres of entertainment, even using the ‘Romance’ genre covering the future. In Black Mirror there are a few episodes there to look at featuring love and dating in the future. In an article about the depiction of the future of VR in Ready Player One, they speak on the sense of “touch” show in the film with the VR play. Touch adds a complete new layer to the way we interact online and the possibility of so. S5 E1 of Black Mirror depicts players falling in love in a virtual world because of the feeling of ‘physicality’– can we even begin to imagine this as a reality in the online dating world. It would be really cool if you covered each genre of media and film in this way looking deeper into topics like VR and AI etc. Some companies already hope to add temperature controls to haptic devices, allowing users to feel warmth and cold associated with virtual objects. (Sarah E. Needleman 2018, ‘Virtual Reality, Now With the Sense of Touch; The future depicted in the new film “Ready Player One” is closer than you think: Startups are developing haptic gloves and suits that let users feel virtual worlds’, The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition.)

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  2. Girls! This is a really cool idea! Tiktok is one of the most popular social media applications, as its fast-paced content publishing forum is quick and easy to use. You’ve mentioned that you will be doing 1–3-minute videos in a podcast format, do you already what genres you’ll be doing each week? if not I would suggest planning out the weeks ahead just to keep it organised and easier on yourself when it comes to creating the content, as you can jump straight into making the podcast rather than having to think about a topic.
    Using resources that people already know to encourage them to get involved, helps develop feedback loops. While I think this is true, I would push further and introduce your audience to resources they might not have seen. Evoking questions, leading to a conversation that is now analysising the topic rather than something they already know about.
    I don’t know to much about tiktok other than being on the side where you stroll endlessly looking at short videos. I thought how would i learn to use the app at its full potential and being a visual learning I took straight to youtube and search for videos on tiktok and how to use it. I’ve included a link to a video I believe will be helpful in understanding how the app can be used best.

    Overall I’m really excited to see where this DA goes and think if you can stick to a topic program and maybe even share next weeks topic on your twitter as promotion it will be an effective DA.


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