BCM215 Beta

BCM215 Beta

BCM215 has been one of the most creative and fulfilling subjects I have taken part in. Not only has the topic I have been analysing been of extreme interest to me but taking part in peer reviewing and interaction have been so fun. My digital artefact itself has shifted slightly since my pitch, I have now taken to reviewing games instead, including the nostalgic analysis in my ratings.

(sample of my first tiktok)

I have loved making these videos and turning my Wii on again however the videos have not been reaching desired views or reviews from my audience. Tiktok is an extremely difficult application to navigate in terms of reaching targets and gathering views. Along with challenges, it has been hard to maintain a strict schedule for posting videos and at accurate times, most of my videos have remained in my drafts due to this. Into the future and remainder of this subject, I’m hoping to hop back onto my bandwagon of motivation and get back into a strict schedule of posting and perfecting my videos.

Unused Nintendo Wii logos drive fans wild | Creative Bloq

Along with this newer schedule, I have been listening into my peer’s reviews of my pitch and although majority are positive and encouraging, I’m going to listen thoroughly to their advice and criticism, reading into their suggested websites and options. Overall, so far I am proud of myself and efforts and can’t wait to endeavour further into my topic and experience more nostalgic emotions and games.


6 thoughts on “BCM215 Beta

    firstly how well written, clear and structured is this blog you have outdone yourself! you have listened to prior feedback and created a newer schedule, which you have also embedded! but it’s clear you have also been listening to your peer’s reviews from your pitch and although I’m not surprised the majority are positive and encouraging because you have done a very good job communicating and presenting this DA!

    I like how you’re thinking outside the box by analysing old nostalgic games, but you’re also keeping it simple. Although I am still a bit perplexed by the project’s overall idea, I am intrigued by its unique nature of bringing back classic games.
    It would have been nice to have a map or a chart on your proposed game perspective, and then if your concept changed after played, this may be through a simple graph or ratings.

    But I love this and you have definitely made me want to pull out my old Wii and play some Mario kart!


  2. hey, hey!

    firstly, i love how you started this off with saying how fulfilling this subject has been for you! its always great to know much a subject matter interests you – it adds to a persona of things. your blog post was smooth, and detailed, i loved how you mentioned the change it has had over time and mentioning nostalgia as a framework. i liked how open with not meeting expections you are as well. its good that you mention taking the feedback into consideration, purhaps next time mentioning a thing or two that was brough up in feedback as well?
    as someone who ia focusing on game sound design the music within your video sent me right back to childhood and i loved that. analysing your personal feelings and emotions games cause you is such an interesting factor and i have included this source to potential aid in the exploration of that. best of luck!



  3. Hi,
    First of all this is amazing I spent many school holidays entertaining myself on the Wii. The music of the games brought back so many memories. I can only imagine what it has been like replaying the games and reviewing them. Nostalgia is a perfect framework for this, even watching the video for your beta has given me an immense feeling of nostalgia. I found this book https://ufdcimages.uflib.ufl.edu/AA/00/04/03/86/00001/WhalenTaylor_PlayingthePast.pdf that has a series of articles on nostalgia in video games which might be helpful in your further research. I really wanted to go and look at your TikTok page so that I could have a look at some of your posts to see if there was anything I could have suggested that might have helped with the views. However, my eyesight isn’t as good as to read the tag in the screenshot. However if you post some more of those drafts and consistently keep at it, you should find yourself able to get more views.


  4. Hi Julia 🙂
    As someone who was a huge fan of the Wii during its reign, I really enjoy the concept of your DA overall (Shame that the DS was broken but the Wii is just as good!!) It’s fantastic that you have discovered a DA idea that you have found fun and fulfilling as this is the easiest way to get through subjects such as BCM215, it makes the semster time fly and provides the DA with added passion that provides your target audience with a sense of engagement and comfort. This should definitely help with your reception soon!

    Just a few notes that I would like to add in regards to improvements you can make before heading into final submission, I’m a little lost on what the analytical framework you’re using is. I noticed you mentioned nostalgia which is definitely an important point when it comes to talking about childhood favourites and graphical advancements in gaming since 2009 but it would have been nice to hear more about the way you are conductiung your research outside of creating your DA tiktoks, how do these concepts tie together to convey the point of your research into these old Wii games. This is similar with the intergration of more academic resources that aid in your studies, I know it can be daunting to find relatable sources, especially peer reviewed or academic, but it will definitely help you when it comes time to writing your contextual essay in a couple weeks. You’ve mentioned one in your video which is a fantastic start but the more the better 🙂

    Otherwise you have conducted yourself with organisation and professionalism beautifly within your video and blog post and it has made me really interested in your DA, best of luck for the end of session and congradulations on a great DA so far!! 🙂


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