BCM21 – reviewing part 2

BCM21 – reviewing part 2

Reviewing my peer’s work has been the highlight of this subject, as well as receiving my own feedback. It has really helped me develop my skills as a student within in this subject as well as in this degree. I’ve found that having people at my own level has really helped me excel and be humbled by my worked. As well as this I’ve felt a sense of pride following my peer’s digital artefacts and seeing their work grow and develop into creative and unique projects.

I reviewed 3 of my peer’s digital artefact’s betas and was amazed by their work. Their honesty and development in this subject were applaudable and it was really enjoyable to review their work and blog posts. Below are my comments.

I really related in some shape or form to each of their betas, timing seemed to be main topic in all of their work. I’ve found this to be the case with my own digital artefact and really related to each of their circumstances. Even in lockdown, it has been quite difficult to find time to fit in content creating amongst my other subjects and work. Jacob stated that he was going to give individual time at least twice a week to the subject to create content and work around his blog. I took this into account for my own work and from now on going to schedule in at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week to making content. I believe this will really relieve stress and help me perform my best.

It was really interesting seeing people’s work and finding similarities to my own work, it really shows that in this subject we can all really relate to each other’s work and cheer each other on in these busy times. I’m so excited to see were my peer’s work goes!


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